Mascalzone!!! aduzipach!/aduzipazz! Ciao Linda: Im originally for East Boston. We learned to speak their dialect. Sometimes, my Italian uncles would call me a jumba-lone when I was a kid. Look up a word or a phrase by typing it in the search box. Theres a funny poem my dad used to say, but Im missing part of it: Una volta cera una che mangavi pane pruna, e una volta (cant remember but it ended with) e cacava. I need the missing part, and also a translation. = I so enjoyed reading through this! quante mosseliterally translates to how or so many movements ? indicating a probable dramatic exaggeration of some sort either in response or reaction to some stimulus. Spoken at the end of an argument. I have long since left Long Island and after my son asked me for the umpteenth time what maron meant, I had to confess it was just an expression I picked up. ), i-malano-miau! As we try to make it easy for you to translate into English the Italian words and expressions, you are given the possibility to see synonyms of a word, conjugate it and obtain the word pronunciation, or even add another meaning to the Italian-English dictionary, all these in only one click on the word. mmm maybe li surici (Italian i sorci. Second generation Sicilian-American from from Caldwell in Essex County, New Jersey. Somehow in any case, rightly or wrongly, it became my own belief that this was not a expression usually used in polite speech. i bebe mangia chicche chicchie (chicky chicky?) So cool; a little jewel of a resource for Little Italys Spanglish. Anthony in New Jersey, Please state clearly that this is the language spoken by Italian immigrants, not Italian. I am an Italian living in the US and this is truly fascinating! My family said ah jh na. your sister!/your sisters a _____! And often very comical. Laposta. Where did they go? (chissa?) Second, each person had a different influence from English, and that also makes it different, with the result that the dialect spoken in the US obviously differs in some things with the same dialect spoken in Southern Italy. Was so neat. Im Polish and Im writing my thesis on family values and culture of Italian-Americans based on The Sopranos, and this mini-dictionary happened to be really interesting, so thanks a lot for Your effort. My mother taught me to say sca shod when something was screwed up or a mess. Have yet to make the trip,but on my bucket list. AND WELL, WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR DINNER? IF I ever get to go to Italy, its probably all I would relate to. The person has almost nothing. Ok, heres one for the books. You may be referring to ma certo, meaning but of course. This is great, very comprehensive! The Etruscans were not Indo-Europeans, like they Basques arent either. We dont want cucumber sandwiches, we want a sangweech! A great read! : Also love reading all comments. [] ancestry, thanks to my beloved maternal grandmother, but most of my day to day life was filled with Italian-American words and traditions.) Since the 1980s, however, it has seen a steady decline in the number of speakers, as earlier generations of Italian Americans die out and the language is less often spoken . So awesome when people get down to brass tacks and get this on the Internet. translation for those not familiar = American. Also, Nonnie used to say a little prayer or rhyme when there was a big thunderstorm. It is based on the Italian language,butit contains a mixture of Sicilian- and Neapolitan-inspired dialect words and phrases as well as English words. and I dont remember the rest. Tido un cowchoelintu cooloh Standard Italian: Ti do un calcio in tuo culo. I can say so many things. Great job. I too can confirm that in the southern or Calabrian dialect I heard the pronunciation that you described as cooloo. Everything is very open with a precise clarification of the challenges. My grandma used to call me that . I have since found out what it means:-( Sorry, I really wasnt trying to be vulgar. An indoor bathroom (shared with other families, was a treat! che mangava pane e prune who was eating bread and prunes When searching for a word, you get as results translations from the general dictionary, and words and expressions added by users. Favorite word as a kid growing up, my old man would say LA-SOO-YEE, telling my mom to leave him alone! No need to process as the pickling is sufficient! Thanks, David! Anyone ever heard the term ska-sha-BONG to mean a jalopie or crappy car? The WordReference English-Italian Dictionary is a living, growing dictionary. My grandmother (Brooklyn from Caserta, near Naples) used to refer to children as quierdooday (phonetically) and not the standard Italian bambino. Male educat(o) means poorly brought up, i.e. Much of this comes from memory and familial recollection. 2023 Bocelli, the famed Italian tenor, sponsors an annual scholarship at London's Royal College of Music. where? Trash/garbage= immondizia or in Rome monnezza. (che cazzo fai?) When I was a boy we had an old lady relative all the adults called Ozzi. Keep up the good work. I grew up in Pittsburgh, and now live in Chicago, me and my amicci and familigia in both places still talk this way amongst ourselves. My relatives always got a good laugh when I repeated words my own parents used to say in southern Ontario words that never caught on in southern Italy. it sounds phonetically like, Zutagil or sootagil. Is there any way to go directly to the reply? I remember helping my grandpa and uncle wrap the fig trees with tar paper to save them during the winter months and how he loved tending his garden. It was so funny. Im no longer certain whether this post is written by way of So, lets say someone cut loose a really gross fart. To mean stomic pains and food coming back up. The spellings in thisdictionaryare somewhat arbitrary because these words do not truly belong to English or Italian; they are hybrid creations. Linguists classify Sicilian as a language, not a dialect. I have another question- know this isnt the right place to post it, but how and where on this page do I start a new comment or question? Of course my Grandfather who had to spend at least one month a year in America in order to keep his holdings, could not speak any English, so he got a pass. The languagewas prominent in United States cities on the East Coast, such as Newark, Paterson, New York City (especially Manhattan and Brooklyn), the cities of Long Island,Philadelphia, Chicago, and Boston, but I am finding that it was spoken very similarly in the other regions of the US as well aspockets of Canada. I hope this dialect doesnt die out. There is no J in Italian thus the G can be either hard or soft. Most people who come from a southern italian american background have probably grown up hearing and using these words. You got it 100+% right, Manage a zutagil = Darn the mouse. are frequently replaced by [b] [d] and [g] in dialect. Anyone have a clue what this means? Over 350K words and phrase can be used in offline. Di [], Thank you for a delightful trip down the memory lane of Brooklyn 60s-70s. Sorry to write so much but the phrases still echo in my head after all these years ! Your site is extremely helpful. did anyone ever hear alle murte tue? So maybe youre serach never stop . Hi Laura, My parents are from calabria, so I understand a lot of this terms. Although often unlettered yet still as a people how truly civilized by any fair measure they equally as often really were. U instead of il. I know this is not how its spelled. oh my God! Its like having my grandmother here with me. The result is a colourful blend of Italian dialect, English, and local vernacular. Strumbalad = mixed up person and many more.. My family uses many of these words all of the time. My friend from Brooklyn tells me you dont get much real food on the West Coast either as hes currently living in San Francisco. We pronounced it: [pee di too]. Christmas Eve was a traditional Sicilian feast (minus meat) was served, along with home made pizza! ): to raise an elbow. Its male di cuah. Anyone else remember this or know what the last word was (I know male di)? She also said, A-boka-di-lay for a cup or glass of milk. I grew up in North Jersey This was the Italian I heard on the street. Also they never put the gender in both words, they just use the article. She meant sloppy and cheap. My mother uses the Naples pronunciation for grandfather thathone. (WHAT did you call me?). What a treat! And her daughters would say a prayer for lost things to St. Anthony, a rhyme in English that I assume was a translation of some similar prayer in Sicilian. Provolone was Pruvalone , basil Basanicol. Thanks a million and please carry on the gratifying work. begghicella the bag Thats an easy one, to save time!!!! The list and comments just made my day! Maria Comito xxx. Its so cool that were keeping some bit of this language alive. I conclude that faccia tosta (Hard faced, or emboldened person) is the formal Italian phrase, and that this pronunciation is a dialect or local version of that phrase. oh goodness thank you for this. looking for spelling for a phrase that was said to wish someone another hundred years. It sounds familiar- like calling someone a stucatz would be something bad, but I may be thinking of another word. mind your own fing business! I had the same problem with Spanish. Cjristmas Eve was filled with music and later we ate home made Sicilian Pizza and played cards. "Collins Italian Dictionary 2nd Edition 2005 HarperCollins Publishers 2005", Access desktop version 'pa pdd chac tc-bd bw hbr-20 hbss lpt-25' : 'hdn'">, Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English. Come potete vedere, molte sono parole vicine al napoletano o comunque ai dialetti del sud. In fact, when one of us kids would pour a big glass of water or milk ot whatever, my Dad would say, look at the pichadua, meaning like a big piss pot. Chief Editor Also, coo-pa-LEEN, for a wool hat (ski hat). If a word has unknown origins or a pronunciation that is difficult to spell in the Italian language, I willspell it phonetically using English as a guide. They were ruled by many different rulers prior to Italy unification which brought together diverse people in 1860. My MIL used to say Accipicchia!, which was retained to be a milder, more genteel, exclamation. Hai visto? These people are sovanilla..its so boring! Anyone help? annuiari. I know Puerto Rican, Cuban, and South American dialects. Lol I didnt even know the real name till i was way too old. Anyone know how to spell the Italian word spoken before a dead persons name? My barber is named Carmine and upon entering his shop many customers (those of Italian origin and otherwise, so well established it is as an Italian-Americanism) hail him as Camma-nooch (good little Carmine perhaps) rather than Carmine. My mom and grandparents always used to say what sounded like Yamma Jane whenever it was time to get going. What a fantastic, colorful and memorable childhood I had! My grandfather from Cefalu, Sicily, used to call basil basalico with the accent on the last syllable. We went over to their house for cake and coffee and their living room was so small I felt so coo-baad the whole time., Aha! paul chen hanwei swords,
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